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Stop Smoking Services

This page shows a map of England showing each Local Authority colour coded according to the best information available at the moment about the performance of its Stop Smoking Service. 

Please treat this information wth caution at the moment because in many cases information about performance is not available given that the services moved to Local Authority Control in April 2013. In those cases the map uses the performance data for the region of which the Local Authority is part.

Performance is judged according to the '4-week quit rate'. This is the percentage of the smokers who set a quit date with the service who are recorded as still being off cigarettes after 4-weeks (confirmed by a 'carbon monoxide breath test'). This short-term quit rate can be used, together with the known rate of relapse after that, to predict the long-term quit rates.

Green means a 4-week quit rate that is above average (greater than 40%)
Amber means a 4-week quit rate that is average (30-40%)
Red means a 4-week quit rate that is below average (less than 30%)

Data are from 2011 and will be updated as new data come in from the Local Authorities.

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